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Working into HR services since 2007 with a great trust of clients and customers. Our major work is for recruitment services and along with them we are providing International Licensing,Digital Marketing and Product Development services also.

Green Komet – As the name goes stand-out, the association has its own uniqueness also.

An organisation is like a, journey which should keep show more


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Closed All Day

Smartworks Business Centre,, Bharati Villas,, Bharati Villas, Guindy

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Green Komet – As the name goes stand-out, the association has its own uniqueness also.

An organisation is like a, journey which should keep going on going with adjusting the clients and representatives all together. We are Green Komet as our slogan propose, for past numerous years are taking a shot at bridging professionals all together with employees’ satisfaction.

Built up in the year 2007, spreading its wings across a vast spectrum of avenues has made us serve various associations. Our quality in India and in the worldwide field has given us advantage in conveying a procedure driven HR Solutions with HCM. Our models are determined such way it adjusts the fast-developing requests and expectations with the specially crafted arrangements with upgraded extraordinary HR rehearses. Green Komet serves its clients and customers with most extreme skill in giving the privilege and most perfect choices organizing their inclinations, inclination to secure their positions offered.


Green Komet has gained notoriety for conveying bound time frame results and customer services to its maximum capacity. We work with your association to understand your HR challenges so as to improve the auxiliary and utilitarian troubles confronted.


Green Komet has a one of a kind methods for approach, we have a very much organized arrangement and execution model which comprise of Analytical grading system, Strategic evaluations and goal-oriented process. We are really refreshing for our speed, quality, well prepared group instead of delivering a more prominent outcome.

We continuously seek for innovative and additional strong strategies to serve our customers. Provide, we extensively hunt in bringing unique talents into the organisation, developing new capabilities and unleashing the potentials with an execution plan.



We have well-prepared Recruitment apparatuses and procedures to satisfy the customers’


  • Global Database


  • Digital Platform Recruitment


  • HRM Database


  • Job Portals Access


We accentuate on delivering continuing results to develop, grow and lead.



Recruitment Services

Green Komet manages a full vary of recruitment services consisting of permanent, bulk recruitment and flexible staffing to organizations of varied volumes which includes MNC’s, private, public limited, start-ups across all predominant industry verticals We specialize in the mid-senior level professionals. Green Komet is uniquely positioned, as our group includes flexible HR experts, who are domain specialists with impactful acumen and understanding of the industry. We maintain an outclass service norms in all its implications, through cultivating the best practices and conveying the profoundly productive outcomes in moderate time. Green Komet also assists in organizational development by giving the services at the same time Project improvement and Digital Marketing. Under human services administrations, we furthermore give supervision to the GCC permit. At Green Komet, our team is constantly converged to provide tailored services



Industry Served

We deliver highly equipped recruitment solutions to the given requirements. The competitive HR solutions offered through us incorporate exceptional enterprise assistance and exposure.


  • Automation
  • Mining
  • Oil and gas
  • Power
  • Wind vitality
  • Manufacturing
  • Engineering
  • Chemical
  • Construction
  • Healthcare
  • IT
  • Hospitality
  • Banking and Finance
  • BPO
  • Logistics
  • Retail
  • Telecom


We provide personalized HR solutions with beyond time and boundaries to enhance the human resource operations of our clients. In this service our internal team takes responsibility of the total HR activities of our clients with start to finish bolster like sourcing, screening up-and-comers, interview scheduling, onboarding facilities, and so forth. Our team will broaden support in dealing with the client’s hiring needs according to their work culture and composition. Being industry insiders, we perceive our client’s work condition and culture; provided to assist in recruiting and appraising the best possible and expected of applicants. Our responsibility towards work has made us build a long-haul proficient connection with our clients and customers.

We likewise have a remarkable example which is named as pay per progress guideline gives zero accountability on clients. We have customised cost per hire model varying to support all enterprises


Our Methodology


At Green Komet, we have a very much organized and sorted out procedure for picking the right candidates. Our process of recruitment begins with a study of position, understanding the requirement and post recruitment follow-up with both client and candidate.



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