Creating a Google My Business Listing Step-by-Step Methods


Creating a Google My Business Listing Step-by-Step Methods

A google business listing is a crucial step to making sure your customers can find you online! In today’s technology landscape, people are more than ever searching out services and locations of these services online (specifically Google). Therefore, setting up a Google listing should be one of your number one priorities. And good news – it’s easy!

Your Google business listing will enable your business to show up on a google map, aiding your clients in finding your physical location as well as improving your overall internet searchability. Once your page is ‘verified’ by Google, it will also unlock search insights, enable advanced Google AdWords advertising, and enable you to collect online reviews from your clients.

Follow the steps below to set up your google business listing.

  1. Visit the Google My Business Set Up Page: https://www.google.com/business/ and click ‘start now’
  2. In the address bar that pops up on the top left, enter your business address and hit the search icon.
  3. If the address hasn’t already been claimed (if it has, you can submit a correction to google to reclaim your business address), click ‘I’ve correctly entered the name and address’
  4. Fill in your business address and details on the add your business screen
  5. Note: if your address is not found on Google, you will be asked to ‘set the marker’ (drag your marker to where your business is located on the map
  6. Tell Google if you serve customers at your business address and set your service area. Note: If you do not check the box where it says ‘I deliver goods and services to my customers at their location…’ then your listing will NOT show up on a map and you will be unable to unlock all of the google business listing features.
  7. On the final screen, check off the ‘I am authorized to…’ box an click ‘continue’
  8. That’s it! Google will now send you a postcard with your verification code on t to finish verifying your listing. It typically takes about a week but can take up to two weeks to arrive. Once you receive it, log in to your google my business account and follow the instructions HERE to finalize your listing.

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